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In the current process of widespread globalization, we at Alfoz real-estate understand that meeting our customer's requirements is essential to the success of our company. We can say that the years we experienced in the past are significant years and it is clearly seen that we have intensively delivered our best performance to focus on customer satisfaction.

We’re here to serve as your ultimate Real-estate, vehicle, and auto spare solution through an interest-free loan platform as well as an effective taxi transport service provider in the capital Addis. We believe in advising our customers on the best deals available on the market, and we strive to help by offering the services that are most suitable to their needs.

I would like to thank our valuable customers, reliable dealers, and world-class suppliers for the contribution you made towards the success of the company. Besides, I would like to make a special mention of our staff’s enthusiastic contribution to establishing our organization. The one thing I would like to present is that our leadership is a result of our employees.

Our real strength comes from our commitment to our team and society. We believe in growing our businesses while enhancing the lives of people around us and throughout our nation.

We are now in an ever-changing market environment. In such a situation, we firmly believe that “trust” is the key element in persuading customers to choose our quality products and services. We totally accept that “trust” can create a “Win-Win Situation” for a long deeper relationship.

I would like to thank again all those who have contributed relentless hard work and effort in the past to bring up here today and will continue to grow for years to come.


Yours sincerely

Zaid Salah

General Manager

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1998-2015 E.c

Al-foz motors

Al-Foz motors is a prominent car dealer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. we are here to serve you as your ultimate vehicle consultant and have been since 2011. we believe in advising our customers on the best deals available in the market and we strive to serve by offering the vehicles that best suits their needs


Al-foz export

native products​oily seeds are a source of mineral salts such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and enzymes and trace elements such as selenium, copper and zinc, very useful in helping the body carry out its functions, we are here at Alfoz export supplying those native seeds Enjera and more to the foreign countries.


Halal taxi

Looking for a top-notch Taxi Service? Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're Halal taxi and our team of pros are available whenever you need us. We don't just meet your expectations, we surpass them. Halal taxi  gives interest free loan meter taxi cars in Addis Ababa serves  and the surrounding area. Since 2020, our company has been committed to being the best at what we do. See a full list of our services below.


Al-foz realestate

Alfoz real estate is serving  Addis Ababa CITY area’s growing need for new property and real estate projects through impressive integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards. Our professional team works closely with both investors and landowners in order to come up with results that exceed expectations.


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